Yes to Infill

YIMBY Winnipeg formed over the City of Winnipeg’s handling of the residential infill strategy and the discrepancy between what the City says it wants (in the OurWinnipeg strategy) and the reality of what people and developers experience when they try to get approvals for infill projects (prohibitive red tape and overwhelming opposition). 

Our group is made up of people who live in many different types of housing throughout the city and who believe that a healthy, happy city has a variety of housing options for all residents. 

Why is infill in established/mature neighbourhoods so important?

  • Infill allows us to make optimal use of our existing infrastructure
  • Provides homes for people in areas where there is already good access to public transportation and amenities within walking distance
  • Increases the likelihood that existing and new businesses and services survive & thrive
  • Creates diverse types of housing within neighbourhoods so that people of all ages, abilities, stages of life and means can find suitable housing for their needs.
  • Significantly increasing infill is critical to achieving a low carbon path for Winnipeg: infill means fewer vehicle emissions and more energy-efficient housing.

To learn more about the importance of infill, we’re building this list of helpful resources and research: