Tell the City your support infill!

The draft Infill Guidelines threaten multi-family, infill homes and the sustainability of our city. They restrict multi-family homes so much that, if following the strict letter of the guidelines, homes in many existing mature communities are prohibited. This means you could not rebuild multi-family homes, like duplexes and triplexes, by-right.

Tell the Infill Project Team, your City Councillor, and the Mayor that you SUPPORT infill homes for a more sustainable and equitable Winnipeg. Key points to emphasize:

  • Need for multi-family homes across Winnipeg’s mature communities.
  • The need to build up rather than out to meet our climate goals.
  • These technical standards make many existing mature neighbourhoods impossible to build again if followed to the letter.
  • These guidelines make it hard for homeowners to renovate their properties & add suites.
  • These guidelines entrench the status quo while other cities are moving away from single-family-only zoning.

Email the Project Team, your Councillor and the Mayor 

Click the links below to email the Infill Project Team, YOUR councillor and Mayor Bowman. Not sure which ward you’re in? Use this lookup tool!

Note: We STRONGLY recommend that you customize your email.

Want to call as well? Here are the office phone numbers for councillors.