Get Involved!

Small actions can make a big difference. Proposed developments, lot splits, etc., often face some opposition – sometimes, fierce opposition. Standing up and saying “I support this, and here’s why” makes a powerful impression on the committees who make the final decisions on these projects.

How can I find out about proposed developments?

Development applications are considered by the Board of Adjustment and Appeal Committee (click the links to see upcoming and past meeting agendas, minutes, etc.).

So how can I support individual developments?

  • In-Person: Register as a delegation to speak at a Community Committee or Appeal Committee in support of proposed developments.
  • Write a letter or email: Submit a written or emailed letter to the current members of the Appeal Committee or the relevant ward councillor, letting them know your thoughts.

How about supporting broader policies and strategies for a more compact, walkable, green Winnipeg? A few ideas:

  • Join YIMBY Winnipeg. We are a friendly, passionate group of folks who want the best for our city. We meet monthly to share information, celebrate our successes, and make plans for how to take our advocacy to the next level.
  • Talk to your city councillor. People who don’t have a problem with proposed developments rarely let their position be known, so the voices of folks in opposition are heard loud and clear. Let your councillor know that you support things like lot splits, multi-family developments, and mixed-use residential developments (ie., buildings with both commercial/retail space and housing) in your ward.