About YIMBY Winnipeg

In short, YIMBY stands for “Yes In My Backyard”. To learn more about YIMBY Winnipeg’s mandate, see here. Here’s a primer on what saying “Yes” means for Winnipeg.

Saying YES to compact, productive, mixed-use development means MORE!

  • More walkable neighbourhoods where people can easily access a lot of their daily needs within walking distance: think shopping & services, recreation, schools and jobs
  • More housing for people at every age and stage of life
  • More freedom to choose active and shared modes of transportation
  • More property tax revenue to keep our city solvent and taking care of its citizens
  • More access/mobility for youth, seniors, and people without a drivers’ license or a vehicle

Saying YES also means LESS of the things we don’t want:

  • Less traffic, congestion and speeding
  • Less carbon and pollution to wreak havoc on our climate and lungs
  • Less disease and injury, resulting in lower health care costs

Sounds pretty good, doesn’t it? Ready to start saying YES? Find out how to get involved with YIMBY Winnipeg!