YIMBY Winnipeg Urbanist Hangout: Coming to a community near you!

Urbanist Hangouts in the Community!

YIMBY Winnipeg is proud to be able to support and foster a wonderful sense of community with local urbanism enthusiasts. We have hosted many “Urbanist Hangouts” that have been a great way to talk to likeminded folks on urban issues in a relaxed, casual setting. Lately, our usual meeting spot has been at the Forks Market, though we’ve also enjoyed our times at the Yellow Dog Tavern.

In 2024, we want to branch out our hangout spots and embrace the neighbourhoods around the city! Starting this month, and every other month following that, we will be hosting our hangouts in a different community. First up, is the North-East!

The inaugural Community Urbanist Hangout will be February 23rd in Elmwood, at the Elm Pizzeria & Cafe for a bite to eat. Afterward we will head out to tour the street environment of the south Henderson Highway area. Check the forecast ahead and dress accordingly!

Michel Durand-Wood, of Dear Winnipeg fame, will be a most honoured guest and guide for this tour! If interested in learning a bit about the challenges and promise of south Henderson, feel free to check out his post Henderson Highway Blues beforehand! Also check out the Reimagine Elmwood page on A Happier Henderson!

Upcoming Urbanist Hangouts

  • February: THIS ONE, our NORTHEAST Urbanist Hangout meeting up at the Elm Pizzeria (Feb. 23)
  • March: THE FORKS (Day TBD)
  • April: NORTHWEST (Venue and Day TBD)
  • May: THE FORKS (Day TBD)
  • June: CITY CENTRE (Venue and Day TBD)
  • July: THE FORKS  (Day TBD)
  • August: SOUTHEAST (Venue and Day TBD)
  • September: THE FORKS (Day TBD)
  • October: SOUTHWEST (Venue and Day TBD)
  • November: THE FORKS (Day TBD)
  • December: NONE (Holiday Break)