YIMBY Winnipeg Volunteers delivering Valentine's Day cards reading, We Heart your Infill House.

Love Letters Delivered to Infill Housing

On the week of Valentine’s Day, YIMBY Winnipeg volunteers braved the cold to deliver Love Letters to local Infill Housing. Our volunteers Jeff and Dylon were able to deliver cards to infill housing in St. James and Elmwood respectively.

“There was certainly a lot more than I had realized. St. James has a lot of infill options, especially recently” said Jeff. 

Dylon, who had delivered infill Valentines in Glenwood (North St. Vital) back in 2020, noticed how there was more of a continuum of different housing types and builds in the parts of Elmwood he canvassed this year. 

“In contrast to Glenwood, it seems that there has been more continuous, incremental development in Elmwood over the decades. It was thus harder to tell what was older builds or infill, or ‘new’ infill compared to infill from ten, twenty, or thirty years ago,” Dylon added. 

Jeff was impressed with the redevelopment of vacant, derelict structures into infill homes for families. He also found that they blended in well. “It was surprising to see how many homes had quickly integrated into the existing stock after only 5-10 years. Once they had trees or greenery, then they fit right into the neighborhood. A few times I would go walk right by an older infill, then realized that I had missed some infill homes and needed to back track” Jeff observed.

This year’s campaign resumed the Infill Valentines initiative in Winnipeg, which had been on pause after February 2020. Folks had a great time. We look forward to delivering cards to even more new and existing infill housing next year!