Aerial view of Northgate Mall Redevelopment

ACTION: Support new homes at Northgate!

The Northgate Residential Redevelopment (1399 McPhillips Street) is up for Appeal on Wednesday April 19, 2023. We recommend that folks sign up in support of this project.

To speak (in-person or virtually) to the Appeal Committee, or to send a written submission, people must fill out the City of Winnipeg delegation form. The agenda item and title for the project will be available as soon as the agenda comes out.

This project is a mixed-use, multi-family redevelopment that would bring 204 new homes to Winnipeg. This project would bring multi-family density to the McPhillips Street transit corridor and is in line with both City plans and Mayor Gillingham’s campaign pledges in support of corridor-based development.

This project would help fill in the urban fabric of a site that is currently very commercial with significant surface parking. The Northgate Mall is a Regional Mixed-Use Corridor under the City’s Complete Communities Direction Strategy and is bordered to the east by a classic grid-based neighbourhood. It is hence a key strategic site for infill intensification and transit-oriented development.

The plan is for three apartment buildings near the Northgate Mall as well as a hall rental, daycare centre, and library. A car wash will be removed as part of the redevelopment. Pedestrian connections and landscaping will be added to improve the walking experience.

This project has went through a long and extensive community consultation and pre-application process. The builder has modified the design in response to community and City feedback, including downsizing the original number of multi-family homes. There are some elements of the project urbanists may not prefer, such as the 245 residential parking spaces which works out to a hefty ratio of 1.20 stalls per home, which were likely included to address local parking concerns. The project has already went through the Lord Selkirk-West Kildonan Community Committee and Winnipeg City Council, but is being appealed.

Aerial view of Northgate Mall Redevelopment
Aerial view of Northgate Mall redevelopment. Image produced from BLDG. Architecture and obtained from February 23, 2023 Winnipeg City Council minutes.

Overall, this is an important project that will enhance the urban fabric in a major corridor. With a plummeting rental vacancy rate, it’s vital that Winnipeg gets more multi-family homes of all type onto market in the coming years to foster affordability and access to suitable homes for everyone.

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