Drawing of a pothole. Overlayed on the pothole are the outlines of puzzle pieces. Each puzzle piece has a different phrase. Phrases are "Land Use", "Transit", "Climate Change", "Active Transportation", & "Finance".

The Anatomy of a Pothole

YIMBY Winnipeg is a member of the Transportation and Land Use Coalition (TLUC). This fall, TLUC presents:

The Anatomy of a Pothole

Potholes are the bane of the existence of every Winnipeg driver. Each year, as predictable as our freeze-thaw cycle, they open their yawning chasms on streets across the city. Just as predictably, the complaints flow into 311 and City Hall about the state of the roads and that Something Must be Done.

Visit anatomyofapothole.ca to read all the essays, including ours on land use. Share this campaign and your ideas to #AnatomyofaPothole & #WpgPothole!

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