Picture of Winnipeg's City Hall building

News: Public Works Committee proposes dismantling bus shelters, EPC disagrees

Last Thursday (June 9, 2022) the City’s Public Works Committee voted to dismantle bus shelters at Kildonan Place mall. Over 20 advocates from groups that represent people experiencing homelessness presented to Winnipeg’s Executive Policy Committee today (June 15th, 2022), making the case that this was a bad idea. Many community organizations working in the sector also signed a joint statement stating dismantling these bus shelters is a bad idea. The statement provides five suggestions for what to do to meaningfully address homelessness.

Winnipeg’s Executive Policy Committee ended up voting against recommending dismantling the bus shelters. The matter now goes to the full Winnipeg City Council meeting next week (June 23, 2022).

Image Credit: Ccyyrree/Wikipedia

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