Let’s keep the momentum for change going!

We’re coming off of two wildly successful initiatives. We need your help for a third, an event on April 6th. Help with marketing/promotions, logistics & volunteers for the day of the event are what we need.

Because of the committed work of a group of volunteers, we managed to hold two wildly successful initiatives. The first was our Infill Valentines campaign, where we delivered heartfelt cards welcoming and celebrating infill houses and their residents as part of the community. This initiative made the day for a number of people and we received a lot of positive feedback.

The second major initiative was a big event. This was the first practical workshop we’ve held and it was on secondary suites. Our Living the Suite Life in Winnipeg workshop attracted thirty people, including St. Boniface Councillor Matt Allard and was covered by CTV News!. Our speaker, who has worked on secondary suites, gave an overview of the basics for attached secondary suites.

Secondary suites, or granny suites, may be attached to a house or built separately on garages or gardens. Winnipeg’s regulatory environment makes it easier to build attached secondary suites. Rules in Edmonton, by contrast, make it much easier to build detached secondary suites than in Winnipeg. You can find out more about Edmonton’s forward thinking environment for secondary suites by following the group YEG Garden Suites.

Both these activities were enormous logistical undertakings. They took planning, coordination, printing resources and volunteer effort. The Suite Life workshop even required technological prowess! We’re proud of all the hard work our volunteers did for these events, but they can’t do it alone for our next event. They need your help.

Our next event will be a community informational session held at the Ralph Brown Community Centre. We’re currently corresponding with prospective partners to organize the event. Our basic vision is an event that will talk about infill housing and other development and what it means for communities, walkability, transit and affordability in Winnipeg. The event will be held on April 6, 2020 from 5 PM to 7:30 PM. We’re planning to provide food at the event as well as informational handouts.

We need volunteer help with the following:

1. Marketing and promoting the event

2. Logistics

3. Volunteers to direct the crowd and handle other operations on the day of the event.

It’s because of the help from YIMBY Winnipeg’s supporters that we’ve managed to get this far since forming last year. We very much appreciate your continued support.

Interested in helping?

Contact us at yesinwpg@gmail.com about how you can help!