RECAP: Sept. 30th, 2019 Meeting

YIMBY Winnipeg‘s latest organizing meeting touched on  tight timelines & reaching out to build a pro-affordability and sustainability movement.

While the City of Winnipeg‘s Residential Infill Strategy has loomed large over YIMBY Winnipeg since our establishment in February of this year, it’s been especially significant in September with the Infill Strategy open houses. At this week, we talked about the tone of the Open Houses that our supporters had went to & discussed what to expect with the two remaining Open Houses that week.

We noted the somewhat leading nature of the online Residential Infill Strategy survey. The paper copy of the survey, which was distributed at the open houses, offered an opportunity to avoid this. We also noted that bold reforms, like eliminating R1 (single-family ONLY) zoning in mature communities, were not on the table and we could do some work pushing it.

As well, we discussed the City’s plan to have stakeholder groups. We noted that this could have considerable impact on the strategy & we agreed to watch this closely.

We also discussed the importance of outreach with other groups. We talked about a new group doing work around Indigenous youth aging out of care and agreed that would be something we should know more about. We agreed to request to become an organizational supporter of the Right to Housing Coalition.

We set a date in mid-October for our communications working group to meet. As well, we set the next meeting date as November 4th at 6 PM. Email if you’d like to attend.

Infill Mythbusting

YIMBY Winnipeg has a new ongoing series of bit-sized posts title “Infill Mythbusting”. Here, we’ll refute some common myths about infill and show how positive it can be for communities in our city. Feel free to share these widely!

Our first instalment:

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