NEWS & ACTION: Infill Story & Infill Survey

The positive case for infill is starting to get media attention. Check out this CBC opinion article.

Emma Durand-Wood makes the point that the heart of the infill matter is about welcoming new neighbours. This includes homeowners and tenants, singles and couples, young and old alike, with distinct housing for their varying needs. Far too often, the media’s discourse on the case for infill is impersonal and abstract talk about business and investment.

The heart of the matter, however, is the need to build housing for our fellow residents, with their varying needs, circumstances and means in mind. This includes owner-occupied AND rental housing construction. Despite what some pundits may believe, we’re not “all homeowners”. Choice and variety in housing is important.

Feel free to share Durand-Wood’s article widely.

Article: Infill housing won’t destroy your neighbourhood — but it will bring you new neighbours

Last few days for the Infill Survey

The City of Winnipeg’s online infill survey closes on Oct. 10th. There’s only a few days left to fill it out! Fill it out, but keep in mind that some of the questions are leading.


Also make sure to tell policymakers, your councillor and the mayor about the importance of infill and new housing for our fellow community members.