Infill Mythbusting - "Infill houses aren't affordable!" written in the style of the Discovery Channel's MythBusters show

Infill Mythbusting: Affordability

The myth: “Infill houses aren’t affordable.”

Reality: The truly unaffordable housing is the housing that we build on the edge of town, because it requires expensive new infrastructure, new schools, community centres, etc., and results in such a demand on road capacity. The further a house from the city centre, the more like it is that the household will require two vehicles–or more!

Infill houses often include more than one living unit, which makes them more affordable for renters, families sharing a house, or families who want to offset their mortgage by renting out a secondary suite.

If anything, infill houses are *more* affordable because they are closer to the places people need to get to: people who live in them save money every day by spending less on gas and car expenses, and benefit from quicker trips to daily amenities, and public services such as community centres and libraries.

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