YIMBY Winnipeg Meetup Tonight – Let’s Push the Movement Forward

Meeting TONIGHT at 6 PM. Please get in touch for more details.

We’re at a pivotal time for development and density in Winnipeg. Residential Infill Strategy consultations are set for fall. The influence of these consultations on the strategy could be huge for Winnipeg in the decades to come. Other cities, such as Edmonton, Minneapolis and Portland, have went in a more progressive direction – encouraging infill.

But Winnipeg seems stuck, at risking of going backwards. Numerous events over the past few months, be they proposed lot splits in affluent neighbourhoods stopped or plans to use Heritage Conservation Districts as a barrier to infill, are worrying.

We need to get mobilized and rally for a City that supports mixed use density, accessibility, walkability and affordability. YIMBY Winnipeg’s Infill Working Group is finalizing our own ideas for the Infill Strategy, we’ve heard from an Edmonton planner on what their city is doing, and now it’s time to get ready for outreach.

Let’s find out who are the persuadable Winnipeggers and what are messaging should be.

The Residential Infill Strategy, if crafted well, will be a great chance to implement progressive zoning reform that creates amenity-rich, walkable, accessible, sustainable and affordable communities.

Fortunately,our supporters are very passionate, committed and willing to speak out for mixed-use density and sustainability. Let’s build on that strength.

Come join us tonight to push the movement forward.