Jane’s Walks Winnipeg is seeking new walks for 2019. This is a great chance to educate the public on the development of walkable, urban neighbourhoods.  Jane’s Walks Winnipeg is looking for new walks this year. Jane’s Walks are citizen-lead walking conversations held in hundreds of cities each year, including Winnipeg. These walks let people learn about neighbourhoods in their cities, with opportunities for reflective and active experiences. 

Back in 2014 the Jane’s Walk for Osborne Village and Corydon including talk of how current zoning rules prevent vibrant, walkable kinds of neighbourhoods like Osborne Village and Corydon from forming nowadays. A similarly themed Jane’s Walk could be proposed this year. One would need to be a decent public speaker, familiar with a given neighbourhood, and able to relate technical zoning rules to easy to see and understand features of a community.

If you’re interested, feel free to sign up to lead a Jane’s Walk