Summary of our first organizing meeting 

On March 28. 2019, YIMBY Winnipeg had it’s first organizing meeting.

Much was discussed. We had just come off successful engagement with the City of Winnipeg’s Appeals Committee. At the Appeals Committee, YIMBYWinnipeg supporters advocated for multifamily developments in central Winnipeg.

Opponents of these developments brought up parking. YIMBY Winnipeg supporters, however, noted both developments were in transit friendly places and had car-share agreements in principle in place. We stressed the importance of infill in creating a compact property tax base that adds to the walkable, urban fabric of neighbourhoods.

At our organizing meeting, we received insight into how involvement went. It was described by someone in the know as unprecedented for an Appeals Committee meeting. This is one of the very rare times someone with a philosophically pro-density perspective has spoken for a development, as opposed to the infill developers themselves. This type of engagement has an impact and makes waves. 

We were informed that the Appeals Committee is where infill developments often go to die. The Appeals Committee was identified as the City Committee where engagement has the biggest influence. Media tips, such as informing City Hall reporters of actions and celebrating success, were shared with YIMBYWinnipeg. 

The Canada Packers Lands/Public Markets site was brought up as a major infill opportunity. It was noted that there is a push from the South St. Boniface Residents Association to create mixed-use infill there. We are currently researching this file.

At the organizing meeting, we also decided to stay as an informal group and focus on actions such as engagement with the City of Winnipeg. 

Please join us at our next organizing meeting at 6pm on April 11, 2019. This will take place A NEW VENUE! Contact for location details.