Come join us at our second organizing meeting.

Come join us at our second organizing meeting.

YIMBY Winnipeg has forward momentum, is gaining notice in the housing community and is being heard at City Hall.

Change often comes very gradually to Winnipeg, but recently there’s been a flurry of new ideas in the development sphere. Should Winnipeg change it’s model for deciding whether to approve developments, perhaps through a Planning Commission? What will the fate of the Canada Packers Lands near St Boniface be? And how will the Residential Infill Strategy look at the end of this year? 

YIMBY Winnipeg is dedicated to being a part of these conversations. We will push Winnipeg in the direction of supporting dense, mixed use infill that creates neighbourhoods where people can walk, bike or bus to meet their daily needs. We will advocate for neighbourhoods that provide a variety of housing options for people. 

Coming up with concrete actions and plans to realize this vision takes work. We need many like-minded people discussing and working on these issues. 

So come join us and support the movement for a more walkable, sustainable and affordable Winnipeg.

Contact for the meeting time & location.