REMINDER: Organizing meeting *tonight*

Come join YIMBY Winnipeg for our first organizing meeting, TONIGHT (Thursday, March 28) at Cousins Deli (55 Sherbrook St).

YIMBY Winnipeg has had a series of meet and chats were we’ve discussed ideas and touched on some notions of where we are to heading going forward. Now join us for our first full-fledged organizing meeting, where we’ll focus on building group capacity and planning what concrete actions to take going forward. 

Mixed-use density is essential to Winnipeg’s furture. Our auto-centric, sprawling development results in lot of problems for communities, makes using transit services more difficult, has huge fiscal costs and results in tremendous greenhouse gas emissions that our tipping our planet closer to catastrophic climate change. 

The City of Winnipeg’s proposed Residential Infill Strategy could make infill developments much harder. This is a problem for all these reasons. A group in favour of mixed-use density is needed to push back and have some sway on the Infill Strategy as it move forward. 

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