Second Meet & Chat at Cousins Deli this Satuday (Feb. 16)

This Saturday, YIMBY Winnipeg will be holding our second Meet & Chat at Cousins Deli (55 Shebrook St) starting at 1 PM. Much has happened in the two weeks since our last Meet & Chat, with many new people expressing interest in YIMBY Winnipeg. 

The City’s plans for a Residential Infill Strategy loom large, as they have for over a month. Will the City of Winnipeg clamp down on “long, tall and skinny” houses because of intense feedback from anti-density pressure groups? Proposed lot coverage requirements, which are considered by the Residential Infill Strategy, would factor in space for a garage regardless of whether developers include them or not. This could harm density. 

Sprawling out has cost our city much and harms the climate. We need dense infill development and the City’s Infill Strategy seems to be heading in the wrong direction. Many came out to the Planning and Property Committee meeting on Feb. 4th to discuss the Strategy. Thus far, however, the conversation has been dominated by anti-density pressure groups and infill developers.

Prospective homebuyers, existing homeowners, renters and other Winnipeg residents who understand the importance of density, housing choice and affordability need to make their voices heard. Fortunately, there appears to be ample chance for us to be heard now.

The Planning and Property Committee directed Winnipeg’s public servants to hold consultations on the infill guidelines and report back “by the end of 2019”.  Anti-density pressure groups have been organizing for months and have much of a head start. But, if we stay motivated and diligent ,this can be overcome. 

This Meet & Chat we need to talk about our plan going forward. A media representative expressed interest in our group. How will we handle interviews and requests going forward? 

Join the discussion and come to Cousins this Saturday. 

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