Meet & Chat Tonight at Cousins

Tonight at Cousins Deli we’ll be having our third meet & chat. Stop on by for the event, at 55 Sherbrook St starting at 6 PM. 

At our third meet and chat we’ll discuss current topics, such as the City of Winnipeg’s Residential Infill Strategy and plans for transit-oriented development. What role can YIMBY Winnipeg play in making the case for density and pushing the city in the direction of growing up, not out? Are there other organizations we can partner with? 

Anti-density voices have dominated public engagement in the past. Opposing density in mature communities leads to more sprawl, which creates challenges for public services such as transit. Given the need reduce our carbon emissions and sustain public services, inefficient sprawl has to stop. For this to happen, we need to say Yes, in Winnipeg to density.

Coming to our meet and chat is a step in getting organized and vocal in favour of density in Winnipeg.  

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