Meet & Chat tomorrow at Cousins Deli (55 Sherbrook St) at 1 PM. 

Please join us tomorrow for our second Meet & Chat at Cousins Deli. There’s much to talk about since our last meeting.

The Planning & Property Committee has recommended more public consultation for the Residential Infill Strategy. This is a great chance for those who support density to have their say and tell the that City we need to say Yes, In Winnipeg to density. The initial rounds of public consultations were dominated by anti-density voices, so a broader perspective is needed. 

Density helps reduce carbon emissions and facilitates transit use. At a Climate Jam conference last Saturday, the transit advocacy group Functional Transit Winnipeg discussed the importance of transit-friendly places where frequent service makes the most sense. With the second phase of the Southwest Rapid Transit Corridor under construction, there’s opportunity to develop along the line at high density. Will Winnipeg do so? 

There’s been growing interest in YIMBY Winnipeg. How do we organize ourselves going forward? What will our approach to media be? And what actions make the most sense for our group? 

Join us at Cousins Deli (55 Sherbrook St) at 1 PM to discuss all this and more.