Welcome to YIMBY Winnipeg

Our first meeting is this upcoming Saturday, Feb 4 starting 1 PM at Cousins Deli. 

Cousins Deli and Lounge is located at 55 Sherbrook St in the West Broadway neighbourhood. There we’ll discuss recent news in Winnipeg that affect density and development and what we can do going forward. 

The big news is the City’s ongoing Residential Infill Strategy. This strategy is focused on mature neighbourhoods, outside the core, where much of Winnipeg lives. The City designates these communities “areas of stability”, suggesting that neighbourhood growth is not on the agenda right now. 

An issue brought up by some attendees at the City’s engagement sessions were “long, tall and skinny houses”. Because of this feedback from a small and motivated group of residents, the Infill Strategy could regulate these types of houses out of existence in much of the city. This is troubling because these houses serve many people’s needs and add density to neighbourhoods.

It’s time for those of us who want Winnipeg to grow up, not out, to speak up and be heard. We need to send a clear message of Yes, In Winnipeg when it comes to density. 

Our future depends on it.